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Merging of multiple columns

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By: Neil
Date: 2017-02-07
Time: 16:14

Merging of multiple columns


This has been frustrating me all afternoon, can anyone help at all?

I am trying to merge several columns verically based on the value in the first column.


Work Order     AER       Rack       Slot    Time
11732             59          3         10         4:00 PM   
12989             59          5          5        12:00 PM   
12945             59          5           3       12:00 PM   

I can achieve the merge of any one of these columns satisfactorally by adding [out.Work Order;ope=mergecell] to the relevent tag but adding multiple instances of this produces an incorrect merge on all but the last occuurance.

Is this at all possible or have I been wasing my afternoon?

Many thanks