A Template Engine for Pro and Beginners

for PHP version 8, 7, 5

TinyButStrong is a library that enables you to dynamically create XML/HTML pages and any other files based on text source. It's a Template Engine for the PHP language. It enables you to easily display information from your database, but also to seriously harmonize and simplify your PHP programming.

TinyButStrong is oriented to HTML but not specialized to Html. This means it can work as well with Text files, XML, RSS, RTF, WML, Excel (xml), ... The OpenTBS plug-in enables your to merge OpenOffice and Ms Office documents.

TinyButStrong's trumps

  • simplicity : 1 file only, 1 Php class only with 6 methods and 5 properties.
  • visual / WYSIWYG editors (such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage) friendly
  • database friendly,
  • fast development,

Main features

  • can connect to any database type (in native: PDO, MySql, SQLite, PostgreSQL),
  • easy date-time and numeric formats,
  • blocks with alternated display,
  • multi-columns display,
  • conditional display,
  • event functions,
  • file inclusion and other scripts execution,
  • cache system,
  • plug-ins.

So easy, so simple, so powerful !

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tbsOOo, based on TBS, won a price of PhpClasses Innovation Award
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RMLL 2005

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