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Problem with tbs:date, tbs:time and xlsxDate

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By: Christoph
Date: 2017-01-11
Time: 13:40

Problem with tbs:date, tbs:time and xlsxDate


After chaning the locale in our project we found a problem with a column with tbs:date. The generated excel contained now <v>42725,744849537</v> instead of <v>42725.744849537</v>. With that excel fails to open correctly (shows error and can not repair the problem). The Problem is the same as discussed in Just different place.

What worked for me was to change in the function MsExcel_ChangeCellValue on line 3796 "$Value = ($t/86400.00)+25569;" to "$Value = var_export((float) ($t/86400.00)+25569, true);".

With that the implicit converion from float to string does not lead to a wrong decimal separator and it works again.

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