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Docx Corrupt with Changepic

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By: Johnwolf
Date: 2017-01-04
Time: 21:01

Docx Corrupt with Changepic


I'm using the OpenTbs Library (1.9.6) I'm trying to generate a docx file. Every thing works fin except with an image field

Here's my code :
Php :

       $mission[] = array(
            "logo"  => "/var/www/oscar/back/web/templates/c.png",

        $TBS = $this->container->get('opentbs');
        $TBS->MergeBlock('mission', $mission);
        $TBS->Show(OPENTBS_DOWNLOAD, 'file_name.docx');

in my template i'v put an image with a description :

The docx file is generate corrupted, but word can repair it and the result is OK

Could you help me ?


By: Skrol29
Date: 2017-01-09
Time: 10:43

Re: Docx Corrupt with Changepic


The most common error is when extra content is sent by the PHP application that drives OpenTBS.