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Merge document footer in OpenOffice odt

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By: Jan Mottl
Date: 2016-10-24
Time: 11:26

Merge document footer in OpenOffice odt

Merging of OpenOffice odt document work fine. Tanks for excellent tool. I would like to ask how to merge odt footer which is specified on second page. Thanks for help. Jan

        $TBS = new \App\openTBS\clsTinyButStrong; // new instance of TBS
        $TBS->Plugin(TBS_INSTALL, OPENTBS_PLUGIN); // load the OpenTBS plugin


        // merge document text
        if (isset($pripad)) {
            $TBS->MergeBlock('h', $header);

        // merge document footer - THAT PART DOESN'T WORK
        if (isset($pripad)) {
            $TBS->MergeBlock('h', $header);
By: Skrol29
Date: 2016-11-03
Time: 14:20

Re: Merge document footer in OpenOffice odt

Hi Jan,

As explained in the documentation, the command OPENTBS_SELECT_FOOTER is useless with OFT simply beacause headers and footers are stored in the main sub-file.

Your second code « $TBS->MergeBlock('h', $header) » has no effect because block "h" has already been merged previously. If its' another physical block, then use another name.