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by-page with multi-column

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By: Sine
Date: 2015-11-21
Time: 14:24

by-page with multi-column

I wish to display a large number of items (several hundred). I want to show 30 them per page as given in the example at such that they are arranged in 10 rows of three columns each. Is it possible to combine the two capabilities? I tried having multiple <td> lines in 'by page' example and it shows the same content in every column for a particular row. Help please!
By: Skrol29
Date: 2015-11-23
Time: 12:10

Re: by-page with multi-column

Hi Sine,

Yes you can combine the ByPage plug-in with the "serial" feature.
There is nothing specific to make them working together: the ByPage plug-in will change the records to merge, while parameter "serial" will change the way they are merged in the block.

Please note that the ByPage plug-in won't make you query run faster because it is note able to change the SQL query and add the LIMIT clause. The ByPage plug-in call the query as-is and will merge only records corresponding to the asked page.
So if you have a lot records, it is better to manage the page to display yourself using the LIMIT clause in your query.