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TBS v. 3.10.0

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By: TomH
Date: 2015-11-09
Time: 16:44

TBS v. 3.10.0

Hello Skrol29,

Hope all is well for you and your team.

Just a quick "thank you" for another version/release. Looking forward to trying the new features.

I have tested 3.10 against my personal apps and with my most complex client site -- all looks fine from here.

I thank you for TBS and TbsSQL, every day!


FWIW... plugin versions: on this page the version given for plugin "HTML" is listed as 1.0.7 --- I find that the most recent is v. 1.0.8
By: Skrol29
Date: 2015-11-10
Time: 22:32

Re: TBS v. 3.10.0

Hello TomH,

Thank you very much for this message.

The plug-in page has been updated.