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subblock and MergeField

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By: Peter
Date: 2015-10-12
Time: 08:55

subblock and MergeField

is a subblock with MergeField possible?

The Array:

The Template:
<h1>[site.title;sub1=(slides)] <h1>


I don't get it working...

Thanks for your help
By: Skrol29
Date: 2015-10-12
Time: 10:56

Re: subblock and MergeField


parameters "sub1", "sub2", ... and parameter "block" work only for blocks. That is when you use MergeBlock().

You can use MergeBlock() with your snippet, but you have to turn your data record into a record set.
$data = array(
   array('title=>'TEST', 'slides'=>array('abc.jpg',cdef.jpg)),