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Problem with parallel merge

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By: Vadim
Date: 2014-10-25
Time: 17:00

Problem with parallel merge

Hi. I have a problem with merging.
I use this example from manual
Category     []
Thin             [b.thin;block=td;parallel=tbs:table]
Heavy     [b.heavy]
Total     []
Its all ok, but I need this kind
Category     []
Thin             [b.thin;block=td;parallel=tbs:table]
Heavy     [b.heavy] [b.heavy1]
Total     [] [b.total1]
more detailed here
if i use that template from attached file i have an error

TinyButStrong Error Parallel: At row 2 having entity [_column], the column 2 is missing or is not the last in a set of spanned columns. (The block is defined from column 2 to 2)
can you help me please.
By: Skrol29
Date: 2014-10-27
Time: 01:55

Re: Problem with parallel merge

Hi Vadim,

Thanks for your clear image posted.

The first point is that  your "parallel" construction is not coherent because the block is defined on 1 cell in the first row, while it expect 2 cell in the second row.
In fact is has 2 cell in first row and 2 ells in second row, but the 2 cells of the first row are merge. Technically is is still 2 cells.
So you should replace :
with :

But then you will have another problem : the cell having the block definition should not be merged. (this is a limitation for now).
So your template should be :
|   | []                                              |                |
|   | [s2_sub1.num1;block=tbs:cell+tbs:cell;parallel=tbs:table] | [s2_sub1.num2] |

By: Vadim
Date: 2014-10-28
Time: 11:40

Re: Problem with parallel merge

Thanks a lot! its helped!