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VDX creation?

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By: Partialdata
Date: 2014-09-16
Time: 18:12

VDX creation?

I am trying to transform a d3 map into a VDX ( Visio document) and then allow the user to download that vdx document of the d3 map.
The link below is the d3 map i want to save as a vdx. A d3 map is just a SVG.

I am hoping openTBS can help me create a template.

Here is an example of a simple VDX file.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>
    <Master ID='0' NameU='RectMaster'>
        <Shape ID='4' Type='Shape'>
          <Geom IX='0'>
            <MoveTo IX='1'><X F='Width*0' /><Y F='Height*0' /></MoveTo>
            <LineTo IX='2'><X F='Width*1' /><Y F='Height*0' /></LineTo>
            <LineTo IX='3'><X F='Width*1' /><Y F='Height*1'/></LineTo>
            <LineTo IX='4'><X F='Width*0' /><Y F='Height*1' /></LineTo>
            <LineTo IX='5'><X F='Geometry1.X1' /><Y F='Geometry1.Y1'/></LineTo>
            <FillForegnd F='RGB(255,0,0)' />
    <Page ID='0' NameU='Page-1'>
        <Shape ID='1' Type='Shape' Master='0'>
        <Shape ID='2' Type='Shape' Master='0'>

What would it take openTBS to create that VDX document from a SVG d3 map then present it to a user for download?

Thank you for your time.
By: Skrol29
Date: 2014-09-17
Time: 18:04

Re: VDX creation?

Hi again Partialdata,

VDX is a simple flat XML format. So TBS alone can manage a merging with it. OpenTBS cannot manage such flat files.
VSDX is an archive format base the Zip that contains XML sub-file. So OpenTBS can manage a merging with it.

VDX files can be opened with Visio 2013 but in read only.

In order to use TBS or OpenTBS for merging such files you have to:
- provide a structured data to merge.
- build a VDX or a VSDX with Visio that can be a TBS template.

In order to build such a TBS template you can start with producing a final VDX or VSDX file corresponding to representative data sample.
But you will need to understand some Visio XML entities in order to place your TBS tags in the template.

By: Partialdata
Date: 2014-09-19
Time: 21:44

Re: VDX creation?

Thank you for taking the time to help me wrap my head around this. I understand about the new visio format i am only focusing on vdx at the moment. I provided a simple vdx file above I do not understand how i could go about even starting a tbs template to generate that code you see above? Any guidance with  a sample using my code above would be a huge help to get me on my way.

Thank you for your time