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user onshow inside another onshow

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By: Unni R
Date: 2014-03-10
Time: 15:23

user onshow inside another onshow


Can i use  onshow place holder in side another onshow place holder?

For eg:

In  PHP :
If ($a==1){

$Cookie_Notification_Message=" <p><strong>Cookies are used on this site.</strong> Continue to browse if you are happy with this or alternatively <a href="[onshow.countryfolder]Privacy-statement.htm">click here for more info.</a></p>";


In Result:

[onshow.countryfolder] place holder is not replaced by the corresponding value (US or UK)

Please help....Thanks

By: Sarah
Date: 2014-03-10
Time: 18:45

Re: user onshow inside another onshow

You cannot nest one onshow inside of another. Try using an earlier merge for the nested item (onload or var).