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Clean up proofErr and w:rsid tags in Word documents

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By: Sarah
Date: 2013-01-18
Time: 23:27

Clean up proofErr and w:rsid tags in Word documents

If you are using Word to make your template, you may have problems periodically with TBS tags not merging due to being broken up by extra blocks of code inserted by Word. This extra code is not noticeable in Word, but sometimes it seems to mangle the TBS tag too much to be recognized. When this happens, you can do two things that will clean up your document.

1) Select any tags ([onshow;data;noerr;], e.g.) in your document and go to the review tab (I am using Word 2010 here, but 2007 is very similar). Click 'Language' > 'Set Proofing Language' (2010) or 'Set Language' in the 'Proofing' division (2007). Then check the box 'Do not check spelling or grammar'. This will prevent Word from adding those extra proofErr tags (and breaking up your TBS tags). It will also remove any that already exist in your document. (Or you can run spell check and ignore everything)

2) The w:rsID tags are a little trickier. There is a hidden option you can access through the macro editor (Alt + F11 will bring it up). Once you are in the macro editor, Ctrl + G will open the 'Immediate Window'. If you paste the following code into the Immediate Window:

Application.Options.StoreRSIDOnSave = False

And then save your document (you do not need to save the macro with the document, it just applies to your Word session), it will remove all of the extra w:rsid tags breaking up your TBS tags.

Notes on editing:
You will want to apply these changes at the end of editing, before you save. If you come back later and edit your document, it will forget that you don't want spell checking and grammar. You can remind it by setting the language again, or by running Spell Check and telling it to ignore all of the problems it encounters. I edited my document more after running the macro I mentioned (in a new Word session, when my Immediate Window was clear again) and my w:rsid tags did not come back, but I suspect they would return if I edited enough.

There is one more potentially problematic tag:

<w:bookmarkStart w:id="0" w:name="_GoBack"/>
<w:bookmarkEnd w:id="0"/>

which will insert itself wherever it pleases (from what I understand, it has something to do with moving your screen back to your previous edit if you hit undo, so it attaches itself to the edit before last?). I haven't done much experimenting with this yet, it may not interfere with TBS tags, and I'm not totally sure where it shows up.

Hope this helps.