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TbsSQL Debug Console

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By: TomH
Date: 2012-09-04
Time: 19:28

TbsSQL Debug Console

Dear Skrol29,

As you know, I am a big supporter of your TbqsSQL db layer -- especially the debug console.  Without a doubt, the console - because it is integrated so well, provides the most powerful and simple to use debugger. It saves so much coding time for finding and fixing db related code error. I thank you every day for this!

There is one small (to me ;) ) enhancement that might be worth considering - only if it could be done simply - and that is to pop up a separate/different JS window for each script -- a console window that is dedicated to the script that launched it.  In complex applications it would be helpful to see and compare the debug console results simultaneously for different/related scripts.

Again, thanks for TBS every day,
By: Skrol29
Date: 2012-09-05
Time: 16:58

Re: TbsSQL Debug Console

Hi TomH,

I'll have a look on this. If it's easy I will add the feature.