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PSD to TBS template

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By: findlay70
Date: 2009-02-27
Time: 18:59

PSD to TBS template

I will soon have a PSD to convert into a TBS template. I'm looking for some advice on the best process for this - do I convert to table-less XHTML first, then to TBS..?
any advice would be appreciated.
Anyone offering this support please PM me on findlay70 AT gmail.
By: Martin
Date: 2010-07-15
Time: 23:33

Re: PSD to TBS template

You can do easy. Open de PSD on Photoshop, and create slides, and save each one thinking in css3 at posible. Thinking on block smalls, to make background image of this slide. Its important if you need a fixed with or flexid desing (elastic). This is the first, you need. Know if this desing will be elastic or fixed. Try saving images like PNG. The tables, are for tabbed data, like reports. Not design by tables. Use table, where tables are designed. Use DIV and SPAN and put all in CSS files. The .html or .tpl only have the structure of site, not the design, and the php file the core bussiness.
Sorry for my poor english.