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zip unzip for xampp

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By: madmike
Date: 2007-05-09
Time: 09:55

zip unzip for xampp


I have some problems with generating the open office doc. it is displayed and open office starts but the value was never replaced. i couldn't find zip.exe oder unzip.exe for xampp windwos. probably that's the problem... there are also messages like cannot modify header...
may s.o. explain where I can use the zip  and unzip with xampp windows. this would be a great help.

By: Olivier
Date: 2007-05-10
Time: 17:02

Re: zip unzip for xampp


I've also XAMPP on Windows and It's works well.

I've download the windows binaries and place them into
C:\Program Files\Zip

I've modify the windows "path" var to include like this
C:\Program Files\zip;C:\WINDOWS\system32

By: madmike
Date: 2007-05-14
Time: 13:42

Re: zip unzip for xampp

thanks a lot of! the zip and unzip libraries work, but I get undefinied stuff like: i$Š)ü¯ÊMF8&Bš•üô›“áUÚA6²<ä¦hžZÔj!X½ÒýÙX÷ç¨?†¾

but the methods LoadXmlFromDoc and SaveXMLToDoc retun TRUE.

do you have an idea?
By: madmike
Date: 2007-05-14
Time: 13:49

Re: zip unzip for xampp

*urg*  nothing changed and it runs now.... great!

but the command box pops up few times, that's bizzare. can I improve this?