OpenTBS demo

OpenTBS is a PHP tool that produces any OpenOffice and Ms Office documents with the technic of template


OpenTBS can merge any OpenDocument and Open XML files. It autommatically reconize extensions: odt, ods, odg, odf, odm, odp, ott, ots, otg, otp, docx, xlsx, xlsm, pptx.

In fact it can merge any XML or Text file saved in a zip container (which is the case for both OpenDocuments and OpenXML documents).

In addition to the usual merging operations, many other oprerations can be done on documents, such as: feed a table, delete or display paragraphs, change pictures, delete sheets, change data in graphs, ... and much more.

Since version 1.10.0, OpenTBS can also read data in workbooks (xlsx and ods files).


Merging Demo

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Reading Demo

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