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Chart merge problem with Mysql & array

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By: Crhis
Date: 2016-03-07
Time: 23:44

Chart merge problem with Mysql & array


I'm trying to merge some data from my Mysql DB with a PPTX chart, but I do not succeed.

In PHP file I've got the following code :
    $liste = array();
    $requete = mysql_query(" SELECT name, amount FROM mytable");
    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($requete)){
        $liste[] = $row;
    // Merge a chart
    $ChartRef = 'graphic'; // objet cible dans le PPTX slide N°2
    $SeriesNameOrNum = 1;
    //$NewValues = array( array('Cat. A','Cat. B','Cat. C','Cat. D'), array(5, 8, 12, 25) ); // If I activate this line, everything works fine
    $NewValues = $liste; // If I activate this line, to use the DB data, it does not work at all.
    $NewLegend = "Merged";
    $TBS->PlugIn(OPENTBS_CHART, $ChartRef, $SeriesNameOrNum, $NewValues, $NewLegend);

Please, can somebody help me ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

By: Skrol29
Date: 2016-03-11
Time: 21:26

Re: Chart merge problem with Mysql & array

Hi Crhis,

Your data $liste is structured like a recordset
    array(array('name' => ..., 'amount' => ...), array('name' => ..., 'amount' => ...))
while the OPENTBS_CHART command needs another structure