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onshow values in merge block

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Date: 2012-11-22
Time: 11:37

onshow values in merge block


PHP side
$RecCnt2 =$TBS->MergeBlock('listcontsearch',$content_display_array);

<div class="copy">
                                                    <h2><span>Page Title :</span> <a href="[onshow.countryfolder][listcontsearch.second].htm">[listcontsearch.first;block=span;htmlconv=no;when [var.ContentPageSize]!=0]</a></h2>

Page Title : Cisco SMARTnet support & maintenance contracts with all support codes for [onshow.Header_flag_pre_title] [onshow.Header_flag_title]. Cisco SMARTnet for TAC, Support, Hardware Replacement, Software & IOS Upgrades.

Cisco SMARTnet support and maintenance contracts are available in [onshow.Header_flag_pre_title] [onshow.Header_flag_title] and use these support codes to give user access to TAC, Support, Hardware Replacement,

Place holders are displayed as it is.. It is not parsed by the respective variables..
Please help me....
By: Skrol29
Date: 2012-11-22
Time: 18:13

Re: onshow values in merge block

Hi Unnir,

in your template your have "block=span", while the TBS tag is not nested into a <span> entity.