Example of Php variable merge

this TBS template is W3C compliant Valid XHTML 1.1

Automatic fields ([onload] and [onshow]) enable you to display a PHP variable in your template. You can display a simple variable, or an item of an Array variable, or the property of an Object variable. There are also several parameters for TBS fields which enable you to setup the display of the data item.

Php variable Automatic field
$amount $ 3.55
$task['monday'] <cooking>
$obj->param hello

Special Automatic fields return data about the Template Engine.

Information Special Automatic field
TinyButStrong version: 3.15.0
Name of the current PHP script: tbs_us_examples_var.php
Name of the loaded template: tbs_us_examples_var.htm
Directory of the loaded template: ./
Creation date of the loaded template: 17/06/2021 23:55:45
Current date-time: 23/06/2024 04:46:55