Example of magnet tags

this TBS template is W3C compliant Valid XHTML 1.1

A Magnet tag is an Html tag linked to a TBS field. The Magnet tag is deleted when the field is deleted, i.e. when the field is null or empty string. A Magnet tag is defined using parameter magnet. The type of the tag (single or opening-closing) and its position are defined using parameter mtype.

Non-empty values Empty values
Parameter Value Display
magnet=a $url = '[onshow.url]' Link: TBS Site
magnet=a;mtype=m+m $url = '[onshow.url]' Link: TBS Site
magnet=img;mtype=m* $image = '[onshow.image]' Image: Smiley
magnet=br; mtype=*m $line2 = '[onshow.line2]' Address: