Example of sections related to grouping

this TBS template is W3C compliant Valid XHTML 1.1

Parameter firstingrp, lastingrp and singleingrp enable you replace the normal section when the record is the first, the last or single for its group.

Country Name Score    
[blk_res.country;block=tr] [blk_res.winner] [blk_res.score]   this is a normal section
[blk_res.country;block=tr;firstingrp=country] [blk_res.winner] [blk_res.score] this is a firstingrp section
[blk_res.country;block=tr;lastingrp=country] [blk_res.winner] [blk_res.score] this is a lastingrp section
[blk_res.country;block=tr;singleingrp=country] [blk_res.winner] [blk_res.score] this is a singleingrp section