Example of event function

this TBS template is W3C compliant Valid XHTML 1.1

Parameters onformat and ondata allow to execute an event function each time a field or a block is merged.

In this example, the parameter ondata is used to display a colored comment using the m_event_b1() function.

Position Nickname Score Level Date
[b1.#] [b1.res_name;block=tr; ondata=m_event_b1] [b1.res_score] [b1.level; htmlconv=no] [b1.res_date; frm='dd/mm/yy']
[b1.#] [b1.res_name;block=tr; ondata=m_event_b1] [b1.res_score] [b1.level; htmlconv=no] [b1.res_date ;frm='dd/mm/yy']