Bug fixes in TBS 1.97.12

Version Date Fixes / new features
1.97.12 2004-07-16 Fixed bug: MergeBlock with the keyword 'num' and a sigle number didn't work.
1.97.11   Fixed bug: parameters frienda and friendb could cut data when used inside a block.
This could happen only for TBS fields of a block.
    Fixed bug: parameter serial could cut main section.
Sub-sections are not concerned. But the main section could lost its first character if there were no empty sub-section inside (the one with "_0" suffix). Empty-sub-sections are optional.
1.97.10   Fixed bug: Notice: Undefined variable: BlockName in ... on line ...
This notice message can appears when using parameter on section.
The 'onsection' function was executed but its variable $BlocName was always empty (rarely used).
1.97.9   Fixed bug: serial sub-blocks displayed only first records or few records.
This could happend with PostgreSQL and other database systems that use the row number to retrieve data (such as ezSQL).
1.97.8   Fixed bug: MergeBlock() with 'num' didn't work properly.
It could return the error message Notice: Undefined property: Step in ... on line ...
    Fixed bug: Blank result.
TBS could return an blank result when calling MergeBlock() on a block that doesn't have any definition and with empty data.
    Fixed bug: Warning : fread(): Length parameter must be greater than 0. in ... on line ...
This message could happen when there is an empty sub-template or an empty cache file.
1.97.7   Fixed bug: 'empty' serial-block not merged for last items
1.97.6   Fixed bug: Call to a member function on a non-object
This message could prompt when merging with a custom data function (like for ezSQL).
    Fixed bug: merge with an PostgreSQL query.
1.97.5   Fixed bug: Can't merge [xxx.yyy] because there is no key named 'yyy'
There used to have this error message when calling MergeBlock() for a block fields without a block definition (without parameter 'block'). In this case, TBS is supposed to merge only the first record. Displaying an error message was a bug.
1.97.4   Fixed bug: Call to undefined function: tbs_locatorreplace() [...] on line 1818
This error message could appear when using [tbs_check] tags without block definition.
1.97.2   Fixed bug: parameter 'if' not always working in Block Fields.
1.97.1   Fixed bug: error message when merging null values under PHP < 4.1.0