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Time/Date Format

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By: Scythe
Date: 2006-07-28
Time: 06:33

Time/Date Format

Is there anyway to get rid of the "0" in front of the hour, as well as the date?

Example:  07:05 pm  turns into 7:05 pm

or:  07/27/2006 ->  7/27/2006

Thanks (and loving 3.x release so far Skrol) :)
By: Scythe
Date: 2006-07-28
Time: 06:51

Re: Time/Date Format

Ahhh, I just "hacked" the TBS class a bit.

Changed the conversion of 'mm' to use $FrmPHP='n'
also I changed the 'hm' conversion to use $FromPHP='g'

Hope that helps someone.  Maybe add that ability for a different form in the next release?